Thursday, June 4, 2009

a better half

Only in my dreams can I experience what I deserve. For now anyways.

Why do people feel like they can say outrageous things to you in the line of anger, then expect you to forget it once they finally run it back in their head. Once they see the "cruelness" spoken off their tongue.

You can only take so much of the same thing before you start to think, "why am I here again?"

Dear god...where is my better half? One that can embrace differences and put selfishness aside. A support system I can turn to whenever I need it. I won't go out and look, because I know with patience and the love I have for myself.

...My better half will come my way when I least expect it.

I promise you this. Each day I will say I love you
- regardless of how sad, disappointed or angry  I become.
 Each day I will commit to you as if for the first time.
 An each day I will be thankful that you are with me.
Each day I will remember how imperfect I am.


Anonymous said...

gem, a BETTER half is nonexistant... cuz you are a perfect whole all by yourself..

Gemx2 said...

Oh girl, you know I got mad love for myself, enough to know that if you aren't doing me right, I know I'll be okay. Because my main purpose in life is to be happy (truly happy). None of that frontin' shit. So if there's something on my mind, I will speak on it and if you want to be with me, you'll make the change, or adios out of my life. But you're right, I am my better half. That other person just makes me better. :)