Tuesday, June 30, 2009

In the Night.

So since so many people were in town last weekend and they all said they were going to XS at Encore on Saturday night. We decided to make a cameo! You know we hardly ever go out, but we felt like we deserved a night out, I KNOW I DID! Benny isn't really a "clubbing" kind of guy, but he knows I like to go to socialize with my friends, have a few drinks, and shake my tail feather! :) He's more of a gambling guy, but sometimes you gotta do something I wanna do!! lol Normally it sucks, because unless you are a group of girls in Vegas, you get stuck in the stupid VEGAS club lines!! Where you see all these people passing you up, because they have a table or they are a bunch of females. We live in vegas, so we don't do it hella major with bottle service every time we go out, or else we would be freakin' broke! So by the time we even get remotely close to the door Benny wants to go home. But i warned him before, that we are having fun tonight, so you better leave your attitude at home! hahahaha.

XS was pretty nice, it's like a bigger version of TRYST. The pool area was ridiculous and there were even black jack tables! Perfect for you girls with a man that needs to gamble! A little bit of both worlds! Unless you had a table, trying to get a drink at the bar took freakin' centuries! so that was definitely a negative, but please believe we didn't let that ruin our night!

We ended up staying out later than we planned to because we had so much fun. yup, can't wait for the next adult night out. Cause we just need it sometimes! :) My first drinking experience with Carlen, oh how I've missed her.

Happy 21st Birthday Rowena!! The "Union City" sure came out of me that night, bitches trying to fuck with me and my alcohol, aye they should know better!