Wednesday, June 3, 2009

...the ones that CRY WOLF.

So I've finally returned from a tough 2 weeks in the bay. It was a very emotional trip, but also a very memorable one. But I've come back to training for a new job, an over flowing mail box, and a rough time adjusting back to reality!

Last night something was brought to my attention and I thought I would speak on it today, since its obviously been bothering me since it was brought up.

Why are woman blinded by a man?

I mean I've heard of love making you do crazy things, but love should not make your world go 'round! You should be that driving force in your own life to make things shine, make it worth living. For you first, before anyone else. I know in a previous post I stated how you need to love yourself, before someone else can. And it's the truth people! If you think your world revolves around a man, I think its about time you re-evaluate.

1st of all you shouldn't be burning bridges with people that love, care and are genuinely trying to help you. And for what? A man, that claims he loves you, but doesn't show it. If you think that sometimes a man just can't express himself, you are full of it, because if a man loves you, you'll know it! You don't need to play mind reader and assume deep down he loves you, even though on the outside he treats you like shit! It really ticks me off to think that you are willing to lie to people that are you blood, to get something that really don't mean shit! How are you going to say that you need money for this, but then you're going off trying to make things happen with a guy, that its obviously not working out with!! Like i said, I can't stand liars. People who cry wolf are the fucking worst! At least be honest, stop trying to paint a picture that isn't even close to the truth.

2nd of all, how do you expect to get a job if you're all over the place every weekend, chasing men, and trying to keep up with a crowd, you obviously can't hang with right now, because you're still trying to get yourself settled. You have to make money before you can spend it. It's pretty fucked up that you are leaching off other people, for things of ZERO importance!! Not even needs, but wants.

3rd of all, please stop trying to play the victim card. That shit is just cold, like nobody is trying to help you get back on your feet, and you're in this shit alone. Okay, you don't have money for food?? but you have money to go to LA every weekend or buy a new LV purse?? I don't care if you're blood or not, that is some shady, grimey, shit, and I don't need to associate myself with a manipulative liar such as yourself. so suck my fat toe, go to therapy, you need serious help.

I hate when you try to give advice to people, and they just brush it off. You want to help them, but they don't want to help themselves. Oh well, I've done my part and I'm done with it.

...get your shit together, or get out!


Anonymous said...

oh dear god, he things i have to say about this. my EX-BFF was like this.. you basically retold the entire history of our friendship... and well... you cant help people who dont want to b helped...

so i took a step back n made a conscious decision to cut her out of my life.. and in the end i realized all her negativity and petty drama was like cancer for my soul... and i am a much better person now..

she cannot play the victim if there is no one there to entertain her bullshit, right?