Saturday, October 2, 2010

fresh start.

because i simply miss blogging, i'm ready to start up beginning new blog. Following the rest of the homies to tumblr.


For the love...

Why hello there long lost friend! Oh how I've missed you...

Can't wait to start up again when I have a moment.

Stay tuned...

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Tuesday, April 27, 2010


MY GODSON BAILROK and the rest of the RSC crew @ the 1st annual ROK THIS WAY jam in Las Vegas on 4/24/10

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Valentine's Day.

Word on the streets is that this movie got bad reviews. But I thought it was so cute, witty, sweet…even heart breaking at times. I definitely recommend this movie to everyone. It’s a perfect date night flick if you can get your boyfriend/fiancĂ©/husband to take you to it. I could even see it being a movie you go with all the girls to. It was just so real, everyone can relate! Not to mention the awesome A-list cast. How can you resist?? It’s all of our favorite romantic comedy actors and actresses all in 1 movie! (Minus a few) But go, go , go see it!!

Monday, February 15, 2010

5 Random Things.

Tagged by Mrs.Boss Bizness herself.

1. If I really like an article of clothing, I will buy it in every color. (A very, very, very bad habit I am trying to break!)

2. My Favorite color is purple. I get approached a lot by very observant strangers…purple cell case, purple shirt, purple nails “your favorite color is purple”, yes indeedy! There is something so vibrant, secretive, yet playful about purple. It has so many different shades…it has always been and will continue to be my favorite color.

3. When I pay for something in cash and get money back I make sure all the bills are facing the same way. (why do people think this is totally weird?) I get weird stares by cashiers.

4. My Blackberry has become an extension of my body.

5. MAMI status and proud of it!

Tag, ur it! 5 random things about you. Ready, and go!

Monday, February 8, 2010

This one's dedicated to...

In Honor of LOVE DAY Feb 14, I thought the lyrics from this track were appropriate. So 10 yrs, 4 kids, 2 houses & cars later I still get butterflies around this guy…dedicated to the LOMF BJ.Isla.
1,2,3,4-Plain White T's

Give me more loving than I’ve ever had

Make me feel better when I’m feeling sad

Tell me I’m special even though I know I’m not

Make me feel good when I hurt so bad

Barely getting mad

I’m so glad I found you

I love being around you

You make it easy

Its as easy as 1-2-1-2-3-4

There’s only one thing

To DoThree words

For you(I love you) I love you

There’s only one way to say

Those three words

That’s what I’ll do(I love you) I love you

Give me more loving from the very start

Piece me back together when I fall apart

Tell me things you never even tell your closest friends

Make me feel good when I hurt so bad

You’re the best that I’ve had

And I’m so glad I found youI love being around you

You make it easyIt’s easy as 1-2-1-2-3-4

There’s only one thing

To DoThree wordsFor you(I love you) I love you

There’s only one way to say

Those three words

That’s what I’ll do(I love you) I love you(I love you) I love you

You make it easy It’s easy as 1 2 1 2 3 4

There’s only one thing

To DoThree wordsFor you(I love you) I love you

There’s only one way to say

Those three words That’s what I’ll do(I love you) I love you(I love you) I love you


I love you(I love you) I love you

When things just get better with time, you just KNOW. He’s the one that you think of when you hear a love song, he’s the one you want to watch every romantic movie with, he’s the one you wouldn’t want to change for anything.

Dear John.

I am a total sucker for romantic films…This one definitely got off to the right start, but as it went on, it totally fell off the LOVE TRAIN TRACK. Channing Tatum was extremely HOT as usual, but he cried a lot in this movie. After you see it, you’ll understand why. But I definitely think you should hold off to seeing it in the theatre, because it wasn’t really worth the $10.25 I paid. Get the bootleg or wait for it on DVD. I really love Amanda Seyfried…I think she’s really beautiful. When I was watching Mean Girls last night, it totally slipped my mind that it was her in that movie! I like her as the girl next door, not too much make-up. She really is drop-dead gorgeous. The ending was a total disappointment. Seriously…all you could hear was “that’s it?” coming from every persons mouth.

Saints don't lose on Sundays!!


I am a sucker for underdogs, but really…I was rooting for the Saints after my Niners didn’t make it to the playoffs. The New Orleans Saints were going for more than just a ring; they were looking to bring a Championship back for the people of New Orleans. Done deal right there people…sorry Colts fans maybe next year. CONGRATS to the MIGHTY SAINTS on the victory!!

Utah Recap.

So…UTAH was a blast! I don’t think I’ve ever been so exhausted from a trip before. Probably because we decided to make it a cousin trip, meaning…our parents didn’t go, so we had the kids all to ourselves, nobody to hand them off to when you needed a break. So it was already decided that next year we are taking them with us! I am having major withdrawals from my family. We are all super close and sometimes I wish we all lived down the street from each other again, instead of spread across the country like we are now.

I would have to say that with all the pressure from my cousins (with them threatening to push me down the extremely high bunny slope); I really improved in my snowboarding. Going with the new motto, “It’s now or never!” Because I thought it was much better for me to determine when I would be going down instead of someone pushing me. So I just kept going for it, it’s a given you are going to fall…with anything in life, you fall to get up and learn from your mistakes. I can’t wait for the next boarding trip!

Here are some of my favorite pictures from the trip…

Until next year...GUZMANS!!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Guzman Family Vacation.

So we are about to depart on our 1st annual “GUZMAN CUZ-O CABIN TRIP”. I’m too excited to be concentrating on work, so I figured I would blog instead. All my cousins from Texas & Chicago are flying in for this trip then we are off to Utah in the morning! :)

Since some of us started popping out kids, our summer cousin trips have ceased. Personally, I am too broke to travel and I feel guilty traveling without my kids. I know, you people may think I’m crazy, but when I am away from my kids for just a few hours I can’t help but stare at their pictures on my blackberry. I guess you could say I will trade a night home with my kids over any club. That’s just me…everyone is different.

Yay for family trips, this is much needed and long overdue!

Stay tuned for pictures and stories.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010