Monday, February 15, 2010

5 Random Things.

Tagged by Mrs.Boss Bizness herself.

1. If I really like an article of clothing, I will buy it in every color. (A very, very, very bad habit I am trying to break!)

2. My Favorite color is purple. I get approached a lot by very observant strangers…purple cell case, purple shirt, purple nails “your favorite color is purple”, yes indeedy! There is something so vibrant, secretive, yet playful about purple. It has so many different shades…it has always been and will continue to be my favorite color.

3. When I pay for something in cash and get money back I make sure all the bills are facing the same way. (why do people think this is totally weird?) I get weird stares by cashiers.

4. My Blackberry has become an extension of my body.

5. MAMI status and proud of it!

Tag, ur it! 5 random things about you. Ready, and go!


boo7a said...

Hi there , keep it up for a good job , you really have a lot of nice blog here lots of information , i have read and passed on this info to my friends as well .

Raaachem said...

oh u really did it! hahahaha. i think ur the only one. lol. anyway, you sexy mami.. to da max. loves!