Thursday, January 28, 2010

Guzman Family Vacation.

So we are about to depart on our 1st annual “GUZMAN CUZ-O CABIN TRIP”. I’m too excited to be concentrating on work, so I figured I would blog instead. All my cousins from Texas & Chicago are flying in for this trip then we are off to Utah in the morning! :)

Since some of us started popping out kids, our summer cousin trips have ceased. Personally, I am too broke to travel and I feel guilty traveling without my kids. I know, you people may think I’m crazy, but when I am away from my kids for just a few hours I can’t help but stare at their pictures on my blackberry. I guess you could say I will trade a night home with my kids over any club. That’s just me…everyone is different.

Yay for family trips, this is much needed and long overdue!

Stay tuned for pictures and stories.