Wednesday, May 13, 2009

We honor you today, Happy Mother’s day!

Toys are scattered, Laundry Never ends, you’ve wrecked the house, it’s tiring.

Yet here I am, I never tire of watching your little face as you sleep, so peaceful, your eyes wander, your fingers twitch, your leg moves, are you running in your dreams? Are you playing in the ocean or walking across green pastures? I wonder how is it that I can be so tired, so confused, sometimes it even hurts, but still I feel breathless over you.

I’m scared but courageous; torn but resolute.

It’s terrifying because your heart, your hopes, your dreams, they’re all on the line, and I’m responsible. Yet I have so much strength in me, I have love for you given to me by god, and it makes me stronger than anything you can imagine. You have no idea, because of you I don’t get to rest. Not when I’m sick, not when I’m tired. But you are worth every mess you are worth every sleepless night. Every ache, every tear because you are the reason I laugh, you are the reason my heart soars with the light, you are the reason I possess this love. You give me so much life. And you know what, before I was called mother, I never knew such bliss.

**Thank you mothers you are a beautiful snapshot of God’s perfect love. Longing to comfort, protect, nurture, and gather your children into your arms.