Sunday, May 17, 2009


I am recommending these movies NOT because they have the best special effects or acting, but because of the message I got after watching them. I've never felt so hopeful or uplifted after any other two movies before.

I was either crying my eyes out or had the wheels turning inside my head trying to come up with ways to incorporate the things I learned into my life. Like watching these movies made me a better person, they brought me closer to god for the simple fact, that GOD is GOOD in even the toughest times. You just have to make sure he is a constant presence in your life.


When I first started watching the movie the acting was pretty bad and corny, like the kind of acting in a porno! Seriously, I was thinking about changing the channel, but started really getting into the whole story, I guess because part of me could relate to it. I'm so glad I left it on, because I learned sooo much from this movie. When it gets tough, you can't just give up. Every relationship requires work, in hard times even more than easy ones.

My favorite quote: "The sad part about it is, when most people promise for better or for worse, they really only mean for the better."


If we believe the movies, the tough part of relationships is getting to the "I dos." Everything after that is some vaguely imagined "happily ever after." But "Not Easily Broken," based on the popular novel by preacher T.D. Jakes, is frank from its very first moments that "happily ever after" requires a lot of work and a lot of prayer.

This movie had me from the get because I love MORRIS CHESTNUT! :) I got a little annoyed at some parts, when you watch it you'll know why. But I laughed a lot and I was definitely crying more! So emo nemo. yes, that would be.

My Favorite Quote: "You've got to let life turn you upside down so you can learn how to live right side up"

**Definitely take time out to watch these 2 flicks, you won't regret it. **