Tuesday, August 11, 2009

workhouse blues.

Well while most people work 8 hr shifts, I’m stuck working 9. I don’t know what’s worse FOUR 10 hr days or FIVE 9 hr days. Lately, this job has just been majorly boring, like I am wasting my time being here scrounging for things to do. Work shouldn’t be like this, they should be able to keep you occupied the entire duration of the 9 hours they want you to be here. Because lord knows I am the type of worker that would rather have too much to do rather than not enough to do, because that’s what determines whether your day will fly by or go in slow motion.

Like today, I was looking up at the clock only to find 2 minutes have passed when it felt like hours. So if you got time to kill hit me at the “workhouse”, I’ll find something to occupy time if they can’t.


T-minus 27 minutes!