Wednesday, August 5, 2009

conspire to INSPIRE.

I get so inspired reading blogs, my goodness, sometimes I feel like I'm not putting in my share of good reads. But thank you to the people that keep me coming back for more. There's nothing like it when you are stuck at the Dr's office, on your break at work or killing some time before bed while you have some silence after the kids have fallen asleep, to read what advice people have to share, GOOD ADVICE at that and FREE.

I know there's no such thing as learning from other peoples mistakes, but at least it gives HOPE, that yup, it's true, LIFE GOES ON...even after all the heartbreak, tears, backstabbing, shit-talking, loss of trust, I'm hoping you get the point by let me end with this...

keep on writing the words of your heart and mind, through your fingers onto the keyboard, and PUBLISHING it for the world to see.

...cause you INSPIRE me.