Friday, December 4, 2009


ME being the LEO and HIM being the GEMINI

A Gemini individual will find much in common with a person born under the Leo zodiac sign. Both of them love to have fun, have an adventurous nature and enjoy life. They will find each other quite fascinating and love each other's company. The Lion is on the same intellectual level as the Gemini and this will make their conversions interesting as well as soul-satisfying. However, the varied interests of the latter may make a Leo jealous, as he wants to hold the primary importance in a relationship.

Leo is much more capable of forming long-lasting bonds than Gemini and tends to stick to the people and the things he likes. This may clash with the Gemini trait of being on the move, all the time. The sharp tongue of the latter may hurt the fragile ego of the Lion and this may bring some compatibility problems in this love match. However, a Leo forgives easily and this will act as a major relief. Geminis make Leos relax and they, in turn, teach the Twins generosity and warmth. If they learn to give each other freedom, this relationship can be a very strong one.

Gemini Man and Leo Woman

Except for a few grey areas, the love match of a Gemini man and Leo woman shows great degree of compatibility. It has all the signs of developing into a lasting bond. Both the individuals love to be the center of attraction and thrive on parties and socializing. They will never fall short of meaningful conversation and there will be no chances of boredom creeping into this relationship. However, he will have to control his flirtatious nature and she will have to learn to let him have his freedom, without being suspicious.

Gemini Woman and Leo Man

A Gemini woman and a Leo man have extremely good chances of getting on well with each other. Both are social individuals, who love meeting new people and enjoy going to the parties. She will love his grandiosity, his funny sense of humor and his generous nature. He will adore her for her vivacity, adventurous nature and passion for life. There will be no dearth of romance and passion in this relationship. One thing they will have to remember will be to complement each other and never ever stand on the opposite side of the road, whatever is the temptation.

They hit this one right on the nose!!